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Oil Tank Protection

To best protect your oil tank against rust and corrosion, we offer the "Tank-Guard®" Program. Tank-guard® works and can save you money by protecting your oil tank against corrosion.

Even in indoor tanks, moisture condenses inside the tank and settles to the bottom to form an acidic sludge. This build-up attacks the metal and can cause the tank to leak. In fact, internal corrosion is the primary cause of oil tank leaks.

To reduce the corrosion damage inside your oil tank, we can treat it with Tank-Guard®, a safe, effective liquid concentrate. The product is easily poured into the tank once a year during a regular oil delivery or service call. It reacts only with the moisture in the tank bottom, and will not harm fuel efficiency or performance.

This program covers complete oil tank replacement, for one full year, should your tank start to leak during your coverage period. Full warranty details are available.


Protects your oil tank against rust and corrosion.

It's a good idea.

Tank-guard® is a registered trademark of Lincoln Laboratory

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