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What is a Degree Day?

     A degree day is simply a unit of measuring how cold (or hot) it has been over a 24 hour period. Whenever the average, (or mean) temperature is below 65°, you have a degree day. For example, if in a 24 hour period the high outside temperature was 70° and the low was 50°, then the average temperature for that day was 60° - halfway between 70° and 50°. This is 5 degrees less than the base temperature of 65°. Therefore we can say that there were 5 degree days for the period. Along with the degree days, there is what is called a K-Factor. A K-Factor is simply a number for showing how fast a customer uses fuel. Once the K-Factor is established for a given customer, it is multiplied by the usable gallons of fuel in the customer's tank to find how many degree days can elapse between deliveries. By keeping track of how many degree days have accumulated, we have a system for knowing just when to deliver fuel to any individual customer.


How Many Gallons are in my Tank?

     The averages below are based on a 275 gallon oil tank which are in most homes. When your tank gauge reads as shown, your tank contains approximately this many gallons.

1/8 =40 gallons
1/4 = 70 gallons
3/8 = 100 gallons
1/2 = 130 gallons

5/8 = 160 gallons
3/4 = 200 gallons
7/8 = 240 gallons
full = 265 gallons


 What should I do when I have no heat?

          Before calling for a service technician, here are a few things you can check when you have no heat:

  1. Check to make sure your emergency switch is in the on position.  That's the switch with the red plate around it.
  2. Check to make sure your thermostat is set above the room temperature.  If your thermostat controls the air conditioning as well, be sure that it is set to "Heat" and not "A/C".
  3. Check to make sure the thermostat batteries are new.
  4. Check to make sure you have oil in your tank.

          If everything is set correctly than call us and we'll send a technician to help solve your problem.

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