JJ Hayes Oil Co., Inc. Waltham, MA

Oil Delivery


For your convenience, we deliver your heating oil automatically through the computerized Degree-Day system. This eliminates your worries of the chance of a run out followed by an unnecessary service call. By closely monitoring the local weather and your individual consumption of heating oil we can deliver your oil as needed and allow you to enjoy the comfort of the warmth of your home.


If you feel more comfortable monitoring your own consumption, you must call when the oil tank reads no less than 1/4 to allow us a minimum of 48 hours to make the delivery. However, most deliveries are made within 24 hours. If this system is chosen, it is YOUR responsibility to be sure there is oil in the tank at all times. Should you run out and need a delivery, we will deliver on the next delivery day to your area. You will be responsible for the charge to prime and start the burner.


Payment Plans


A discount of 30 cents per gallon is given for cash, money order, Mastercard, Visa or Discover paid on or before delivery day. Personal checks are accepted only after an account application has been filled out and approved.


With our in house credit, a discount of 30 cents per gallon can be taken on deliveries paid within 10 days of delivery date. Payment is accepted in the form of cash, money order, personal check, Mastercard, Visa or Discover. After 10 days, accounts due are automatically charged the regular price. All balances overy thirty days are charged 1.5% interest or 18% annually. Download a copy of our account application to open a credit account.  Also complete a credit card authorization form if you would like to pay by credit card.


The budget plan is designed for those who want a consistant monthly payment. The budget program begins on June or July 1st of every year for the following heating season. Payments will run for a period of either ten or twelve months to make it as convenient as possible for our customers. All deliveries will be charged at the discount price for the day of delivery. All budget accounts are computed at the rate of the discounted price on the amount of oil consumed at each residency the past season and the anticipated cost of oil for the coming season. By choosing the budget plan you will be put on an automatic oil delivery schedule. Download a copy of our account application to open a budget account.  If you would like your credit card charged each month for the budget amount include the credit card authorization form when mailing in your application.



Discount pricing is offered to all customers at the same rate. A 30 cent discount is available on all deliveries paid on delivery date. For established accounts, a 30 cent discount is given on all deliveries paid in full within ten days of the delivery date. Customers who choose to be on the budget program will always have all deliveries deducted from their current account at the discounted price. Your account can also be set up to have every delivery made to your home deducted from a credit card at the discounted rate.

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